Q: Where do I find the performance pack? 

A: Download the TeamApp, long in and request to join *insert concert name*, then wait to be accepted. From there you will have access to the performance pack and any other concert information. 


Q: How do I enrol to do a trail class? 

A: You can either email admin@fiercedance.com.au or head to www.fiercedance.com and click on the enrolments tab, select ‘Trial Now’ and follow the steps to complete your sign up. 


Q: What should I do after my child, or I has done the free trial and would like to continue with the enrolment? 

A: Within the week our admin will email you to follow up if you would like to continue with the enrolment, or you can head straight to www.fiercedance.com.au and select the enrolment tab then follow the sign-up directions. 


Q: How do I pay my invoice for the team? 

A: On the bottom of the invoice, you fill find the directions on how to pay your invoice. 


Q: Can I watch my child in class? 

A: You can only sit in class for tiny tot and transition ages. From ages 4+ parents/carers can no longer watch as students are now being taught independence and it can be distraction for the student. 


Q: Do you offer a uniform of merch and what does my child need to wear to class? 

A: We don’t have a set uniform as long as the clothing allows for movement. For example, no denim.  Students are required to wear the correct shoes, refer to the uniform information in the prospectus. We do offer a selection of dancewear, shoes and accessories, as well as our own merch 


Q: What do I need to bring to class? 

A: Students need to bring water and the correct shoes; in colder weather they should make sure they have a jumper to warm up in. 


Q: Can I bring snacks to class? 

A: You can only bring a small crunch and sip if you have more than 1 class. If you are only doing one class, there is no need to bring any food in.